Harbour Isle Apartments by Lundgaard & Tranberg

The Danish architects Lundgaard & Tranberg designed the Harbour Isle apartment buildings in Copenhagen, Denmark. The buildings are part of the new Havneholmen area of Copenhagen, which is a former industrial area that has been transformed into a residential and business zone, taking better advantage of the harbour front location.

The project consists of 236 apartments in two U-shaped blocks with inner courtyards opening towards the harbour.  Varying heights of 5 to 8 storeys visually reduce the scale of the project and, along with the thin proportions of the glass partitions, give the white facades a light and graceful appearance.  The entire project, including the projecting bays, is rendered in warm white stucco with teak fenestration, giving the entire project a maritime feel.

Visit the Lundgaard & Tranberg website – here.

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